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Curbside Chat Companion Booklet

Strong Towns has taken the content from the Curbside Chat program and put it into a booklet formatted specifically for public officials and change advocates wanting to understand and share the Strong Towns message in their community.

"Our problem was not, and is not, a lack of growth. Our problem is sixty years of unproductive growth. The American pattern of development does not create real wealth; it creates the illusion of wealth. Today we are in the process of seeing that illusion destroyed and with it the prosperity we have come to take for granted."

- Companion Booklet, page 5 

The Companion Booklet covers the entire Curbside Chat presentation including case studies, dead ideas and transition strategies. Download the booklet today.

"This is my new bible. Seriously. I'm in love with it."
Jake in Maryland

"Great job...this approach is down to earth and well thought out."
Karen in North Carolina

"Perfect timing."
John in Minnesota

"You have a real talent for making complex issues direct, plain spoken and logical."
Mike in New York

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