About Strong Towns

Strong Towns is a
non-profit, non-partisan organization that helps America's towns achieve financial strength and resiliency.

We travel the nation and the digisphere to promote a complete understanding of the costs that are associa­ted with our communities' methods of growth, and we advocate to address those costs via productive changes in our pattern of development.

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Operating Principles

Our organization embodies the principles we espouse. These are the principles we use to operate our organization.

  1. Strong Towns initiatives and programs must provide a high return-on-investment for donors, supporters and participants.
  2. As an organization, Strong Towns will avoid long-term commitments and expensive outlays so as to maintain operational flexibility and organizational resiliency.
  3. To the greatest extent possible, Strong Towns will embrace the idea of low-risk experimentation as a method to develop new concepts and initiatives and bring them into full operation.
  4. Strong Towns will proceed with a long-term, incremental mindset. Our operational approach is to make substantive progress on many fronts over a sustained period of time.
  5. The work of Strong Towns must not only be open-source but be brought forward in a manner that is replicable and scalable.
  6. Strong Towns must maintain an entrepreneurial, market-based approach to staffing, programming and operations.

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