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Episode 31: Framing

Market Street in Celebration, Florida, provides a perfect example of the use of framing to add value to the public space.

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Interesting that you would post this subject tonight. I just came back from shopping with my wife at Centerlessville MarketPlace. She went to the bookstore while I waited in the car. I sat there looking at the front facades and wondered why big box center designers don't use the power of the street to increase foot traffic in their establishments. You have a row of shops fronting a hugh parking lot. You have a sidewalk but no one is using it. They just drive up and go only to the shop they are interested in. Imagine a different layout with the parking lot broken up into a series of streets with angled parking in front of shops on both sides and most of the parking is to the side or back. People would have to go past several shops to get to the ones they wanted. In the old days we called this window shopping. It was a past time but it created business for the whole business community. Why do Big Box complex designers not see the folly of their ways?

March 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterS. S. Blackham

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