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Episode 42: Road to Street Transition

A highway exit with high speed traffic rapidly converts to a local, urban street in Vancouver, Washington.

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Yep, Vancouver,Wa is a great little city with BIG, implemented ideas. I used (plagiarized with permission) their Heritage Tree ordinance for use in Spokane, WA. I modified it for use here, got the ordinance passed (not easy) and we now have a great Heritage Tree ordinance too. Why reinvent the mousetrap, when there are cities that have plowed the way and are doing things better than your city -- you can use their experiences, knowledge, tactics and great paperwork/verbiage to start things off in your City.

Personally, I would like to see that initial concrete island planted with some greenery, to "welcome/announce" you into that neighborhood/urban area -- make the transition from concrete jungle back into humanity, but that may be asking for too much. I think cities are too quick to concrete over, previously green planted traffic calming islands in the name of saving a buck -- it's a mistake in my opinion and it is a downward spiral of dehumanizing our wonderful, possibly historic, streetscapes. First it's the concreted-over traffic islands, then it's removing large,over arching street trees, next comes the stroad, etc. I've seen it happen here in Spokane and it makes me angry and sad. I'll keep working on it!:)

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