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Show 166: Lou Huang on Code for America

This week Code for America fellow Lou Huang joins us to talk about the organization and their popular application, Streetmix. You can contact Lou through his website LouHuang.com.

Show 166: Lou Huang


Show 165: James Howard Kunstler

Author and commentator James Howard Kunstler joins the podcast this week to talk about the economy, Federal Reserve interventions and the impact to local communities. Jim also provides an update on his new book, the third installment of the World Made by Hand series. The book, A History of the Future, is scheduled for a September 2014 release.

You can follow Jim, read his blog and find all of his books on his website at Kunstler.com.

Show 165: JHK


Show 164: Rick Rybeck on Value Capture

Attorney and job creation, transportation efficiency and economic development expert Rick Rybeck joins Chuck Marohn to talk about taxes, fees and creating incentives for a better land use approach. You can find out more about Rick and his work at www.justeconomicsllc.com.

Show 164: Rick Rybeck on Value Capture


Show 163: The Hunger Games

Gracen Johnson from Another Place for Me talks with Chuck Marohn about The Hunger Games series and how the insights apply to Strong Towns thinking.

Show 163: The Hunger Games


Show 162: Update from Jim Kumon

Strong Towns Executive Director Jim Kumon joins Chuck Marohn this week to look back at 2013 and provide a preview of what's coming up for Strong Towns.

Show 162: Jim Kumon