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Diverging Diamond Redux

Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns is joined by Justin Burslie -- the "every man" kindly standing in for the critics in this instance -- to talk about the Diverging Diamond series that ran on the blog in November. They talk about the videos, the need for the interchange, how Missouri Highway 13 (and STROADS like them) are the "futon" of transportation corridors and what can be done about it. Also, a special end-of-year wish for our listeners.

Diverging Diamond


Podcast Short: A 45 mph world

We've built a 45 mile per hour world, one that moves too slow to be efficient yet too fast to provide a platform for value. Our transportation system embraces mediocrity, not from a lack of resources, but from a lack of focus. We must quit fooling ourselves, understand what it means to really create value in a transportation system and commit ourselves to building Strong Towns.

45 mph world


Koeping with Government

Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns sits down with Brainerd City Council member, and local planning critic, Mary Koep, on her radio show Koeping with Government. Listen and hear how the Strong Towns message can ultimately find support even from someone predisposed to be against any level of community planning. 

Koeping with Government


Give to the Max Podcast

Strong Towns Executive Director Charles Marohn makes an appeal to podcast listeners as part of an annual fundraising effort. You can support Strong Towns financially by going to www.strongtowns.org/donate.

Give to the Max


Greece, OWS and the American City

In our latest podcast, Chuck Marohn takes a look at what is going on in Greece and how the assumptions and actions that caused the Greek situation relate to the Occupy Wall Street movement and ultimately will impact the ability of America's cities to finance more growth through debt.

Show Notes:

  • Boomerang by Michael Lewis, also available on Audible