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Show 164: Rick Rybeck on Value Capture

Attorney and job creation, transportation efficiency and economic development expert Rick Rybeck joins Chuck Marohn to talk about taxes, fees and creating incentives for a better land use approach. You can find out more about Rick and his work at www.justeconomicsllc.com.

Show 164: Rick Rybeck on Value Capture


Show 163: The Hunger Games

Gracen Johnson from Another Place for Me talks with Chuck Marohn about The Hunger Games series and how the insights apply to Strong Towns thinking.

Show 163: The Hunger Games


Show 162: Update from Jim Kumon

Strong Towns Executive Director Jim Kumon joins Chuck Marohn this week to look back at 2013 and provide a preview of what's coming up for Strong Towns.

Show 162: Jim Kumon


Show 161: Conversation with a Mayor

Chuck appeared on Tri-State Viewpoint, a radio show out of Huntington, WV, and shared audio and reactions from his conversation with two confused, and thankfully former, mayors.

Show 161: Conversation with a Mayor


Show 160: Eli Damon

Cycling advocate Eli Damon is back on the podcast to update us on his 

Show 160: Eli Damon