Our Mission

Support a model of development that allows America’s cities, towns and neighborhoods to become financially strong and resilient.

Our Vision

We seek to make the Strong Towns approach the default for every city, every state and nationally.

Our Identity

We are a media organization that is growing a national movement for change.

Our Strategy

We believe that the change we seek will occur when a million Americans care enough to share our message with others.
Our efforts are to create those million people.

 Carlisle photo entry for the Strongest Town Competition

Carlisle photo entry for the Strongest Town Competition

Highlights from 2016:

  • We grew our audience from 350,000 over the prior twelve months to 720,000, a 106% increase. We reached more unique people in 2016 than we did in the prior cumulative history of Strong Towns.
  • We did events all over North America and reached 8,000 people in person with our message.
  • We saw our message spread. Strong Towns was featured at least 250 times in various publications (these are the ones we are aware of - there are certainly many more).
  • We engaged over 40,000 people through our Strongest Town competition.
  • We ran 14 issue campaigns, including #NoNewRoads, housing, big box stores and our ongoing coverage of America's infrastructure crisis.
  • We documented 48 success stories, examples of the Strong Towns message in action.
  • We published two ebooks and released Volume 2 of Thoughts on Building Strong Towns.
  • We started the year at just over 1,000 members and reached 1,650 members by December, short of our goal of 2,000.

This was our first full year of implementing the strategic plan we adopted in 2015. We can really see the payoff from the focus it provided. A lot of what we worked on in 2016 was beneath the hood, things like tagging and organizing our content to make it more shareable, setting up a more complex membership tracking system and testing different content and advertising strategies. It's hard to remember that 14 months ago, we were an organization with a blog. Today we are a movement for change with a media stream, a diverse set of contributors and a growing community of people working to make change. 

Top photo from Hopkins Strongest Town submission.