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At Strong Towns, our mission is to spread our radically new approach to growth and development to as many people as possible. That's why we aren't available to consult with individuals or organizations—but that doesn't mean we can't help. 

Once a month, we host Ask Strong Towns to give you a chance to ask your burning questions about our vision for change, and how the Strong Towns approach might apply in your unique place—and give us a chance to share our answer with the world, so it might help other Strong Citizens

A few tips and guidelines: 

  • Ask Strong Towns is a live Q&A webcast open only to Strong Towns members and select invitees, and is later re-broadcast to our general audience as a podcast. Questions from members and other attendees may take priority over pre-submitted questions; join the movement now and sign up for our next Ask Strong Towns webcast here to up your chances of having your question answered live.  
  • Please keep your question as brief as possible and do not send attachments or other supplementary materials.  
  • Please be mindful that Ask Strong Towns is intended for a general audience. Think about how your situation might be relevant or insightful to people and towns across the continent; if it's not, you might consider asking your question on our community discussion board, where hundreds of Strong Towns advocates are always eager to share resources. 
  • Interested in Strong Towns exploring your question in more depth than Ask Strong Towns can answer? Consider submitting a request for coverage, or book Strong Towns to come to your town for a live event. 

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