To put it another way: as long as we have people who care, the Strong Towns message will continue to grow and thrive. The question is only how fast our vision can become the default for our cities and towns.

If you've read this far, I'd bet you already believe in that vision. And I hope you feel we've honored your investment by showing you, in real numbers and facts, an organization you can believe in, that lives out its own mission in every aspect of  its operations.

If you already consider yourself a part of our movement, we hope you'll make it official by becoming a member today, at whatever level you are able.  

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But whether you're a sustaining member or an enthusiastic reader who can't contribute just yet, we value you, and we need you. You are the people who are doing the real work on the ground to make the communities that you care about stronger. Keep it up. Tell your friends. And when you can, we hope you come back to join us, so we can continue to share this message until we are #AMillionStrong.