The Incremental Development Alliance (IDA) is led by Jim Kumon, R. John Anderson and Monte Anderson. Long-time friends of Strong Towns, they occasionally write about their workshops and projects as small scale developers.

The Incremental Development Alliance envisions a network of small developers who build flexible buildings that enhance their neighborhood context and a small business culture that creates new opportunities for merchants and entrepreneurs who can build wealth in their communities. IDA is at the nexus of real estate and economic development, splicing together a new strategy for economic prosperity at the most local level - our neighborhoods.

John Anderson is a developer and consultant as Principal at Anderson|Kim. He leads the real estate training faculty for the Incremental Development Alliance, running training workshops for new small scale developers across the country.  You can read more of his straight talk on development on his blog, RJOHNTHEBAD. Follow him on Twitter at @johnthebad.

Jim Kumon is Executive Director at the Incremental Development Alliance, a Minnesota based non profit cultivating prosperity in our neighborhoods at the nexus of real estate and economic development. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and toddler son. He can be reached at



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