Madison, WI

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Charles Marohn will be the keynote speaker and give an additional session at the 2015 Upper Midwest Planning Conference. His keynote is titled: Thinking Differently about Transportation.

Session Information:

Keynote: Thinking Differently about Transportation

There are too many constraints for us to solve our transportation problems by brute force and the application of overwhelming financial resources. This session will look at ways to think differently about transportation, responding to congestion and what it means to build a successful place.

Breakout Session: How to start implementing a Strong Towns approach

Steps that can be taken to nudge a community along a different path to prosperity. A short presentation plus extended Q&A from the opening session’s presentation.


Strong Towns Meetup

We're excited to announce a Strong Towns Meetup in Madison. These fun and informal gatherings are a great opportunity to meet Strong Towns members and supporters. Please join us on Monday, October 12 from 5-7pm at Brocach Irish Pub on Capitol Square. Please RSVP below.

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