Webcast: Debating Bike Lanes

As part of Bike Week (October 17-21), we're offering a member-exclusive webcast exploring bike lanes.  Hosted by Charles Marohn, our Strong Towns member panelist will discuss questions like:

  • Do we need separate protected bike lanes everywhere in order for biking to be safe and viable for everyone, or do we need to slow cars and redesign our streets so that biking can occur in the same space as driving, and still be safe?
  • What’s the relationship between recreational trails and bike infrastructure for transportation? Are trails only for exercise and leisure or are people using trails for transportation?
  • How do we unite the "bike for exercise" people with the "bike for transportation people"? 

We'll save plenty of time for questions at the end as well.


  • Eli Damon, PhD is a bike activist and a math teacher. Eli found freedom through biking—a visual disability prevents him from getting a drivers license, but biking has "radically transformed" his life and he now travels almost exclusively by bike, including long distance travel.
  • Sarah Kobos is a Strong Towns member and contributor, as well as a blogger at Accidential Urbanist. She bikes regularly in her hometown of Tulsa, OK.
  • Preston Tyree is an active transportation consultant, educator and Public Safety Commissioner in Austin, TX. He has been riding a bike since 1948.
  • Alex Pline is Chairman of the Annapolis Transportation Board, Vice President of Bicycle Advocates for Annapolis and Anne Arundel County and when he jumps out of a telephone booth in spandex, rides with the Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team.

This webcast is available exclusively to members. If you’re not a member, sign up and we’ll send you the webcast link. If you’re a member but did not receive an invitation for the webinar in your inbox, please contact Rachel, our Communications Specialist, and she’ll make sure you get it.

(Top photo by Jim.henderson)