Independence & Newberg, OR

As part of a tour of Oregon, Charles Marohn will give a public walking tour and presentation in Independence and a public presentation in Newberg, sponsored by the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development.


Walking Tour

Time: 10:30am - 11:30am

Location: Meet at Independence Civic Center (555 South Main Street)

At this interactive event, participants will learn Strong Town principles of financial solvency, incremental development, local economic growth and bottom-up activism as they apply in Independence, while identifying current challenges and discussing possible solutions for their built environment. The tour will begin with a short presentation followed by a walk.  

Brown Bag Lunch

Time: 12pm - 1pm

Location: Independence City Hall - First Floor Event Center

This public discussion led by Charles Marohn will focus on how small towns can invest in the economic future of their community through design, finance and incremental development. Mr. Marohn will share examples of towns that are successful in these endeavors and allow time for extended Q&A.


Public Presentation

Time: 7pm

Location: Public Safety Building (401 E 3rd St)

Chuck Marohn will speak about traditional downtowns and how they can create a more prosperous and economically productive city. He'll share examples from other cities and discuss how Newberg can build a more productive downtown. Extended Q&A to follow.

(Top photo by M. O. Stevens)