Webcast: Deciding to Run for Office

As part of "Strong Citizens" week (April 11-15), we're offering a member-exclusive webinar exploring the decision to run for elected office. Our panelists will explore some of the factors that go into that decision and the role of elected officials in making our communities strong.

This webcast is available exclusively to members. If you’re not a member, sign up and we’ll send you the webcast link. If you’re a member but did not receive an invitation for the webinar in your inbox, please contact Jason, our Members Support Specialist, and he’ll make sure you get it.


Mike Bloomberg - Candidate for Massachusetts State Legislature from Pittsfield, MA

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mike Bloomberg has returned home to Pittsfield after working in finance and technology positions in New York City. While he loved the challenging work and the competitive environment of international finance and technology, it is public service that he has always been most passionate about. He is especially passionate about the use of technology in government and the foundations of urban revitalization.

Joe Burgum - Candidate for City Commission in Fargo, ND

Joe Burgum is an entrepreneur and community builder who is committed to making Fargo one of the greatest cities on earth. As the founder of Folkways, a community-building collective dedicated to nurturing the region's culture creators, he's created the Red River Market, successfully lobbied to bring the ride-sharing service Uber to North Dakota, and facilitates a course to help entrepreneurs launch local businesses.

Michael Kovaks - City Manager in Fate, TX

Michael has served as Fate’s City Manager since April 21, 2014, and has over 18 years of experience in city management. He has directly supervised departments responsible for public works, police, fire, EMS, parks and recreation, finance, building, planning, engineering, and public information. Kovacs describes his management style as being a servant leader who is personally invested in the mission of the City, knowing and helping the staff, and focusing on the needs of the community and its elected officials. 

Michael was last City Manager in Galveston, Texas, where he worked to further the city’s recovery from Hurricane Ike. He has also held administrative positions in Park City, UT; Port Arkansas, TX; Surfside Beach, SC; and Presidio, TX.

Kathryn Trauger - City Councilperson in Glenwood Springs, CO

Kathryn Trauger is a Colorado native and 46-year resident of Glenwood Springs. Prior to her election to Glenwood Springs City Council last year, she served six years, four as chairman, on the Planning and Zoning Commission, as well as other numerous boards and commissions. She is also the Program and Operations Manager for Community Builders, a non-profit dedicated to helping create strong, vibrant communities in the American West through training, technical assistance, and research in areas such as economic development, transportation, and housing. She blogs at Our Town – Glenwood Springs. Follow her on twitter @KathrynTrauger and on Facebook @ Kathryn Trauger Glenwood Springs City Councilor - At Large


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