Webcast: Exploding Kittens for Cities? Hacking Games for Civic Engagement

Join us for a webcast with the creators of the popular Cards Against Urbanity game to learn about fun and creative ways to use games for public engagement on Tuesday, May 3rd at Noon ET / 9am PT.

Lisa Nisenson and Sarah Lewis of Greater Places will dive into some creative ways to engage people in urbanist concepts that - to many - are seen as boring or confusing. 

As long as we’re disrupting everything from taxis to hotels, why not take on boring public workshops? This webcast looks at trends in using games and game design for engaging the public of all ages in building stronger cities, towns and neighborhoods. This webcast will look at common challenges with public engagement, the basics of game design and how to meet those challenges by modifying familiar games in ways that are meaningful, educational and fun. Suggestions for supplies and DIY tips will also be shared.

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