Northampton, MA

  • Smith College - Wright Hall, Weinstein Auditorium (map)
  • 10 Elm Street
  • Northampton, MA

Chuck Marohn will give a talk as part of the Fall 2017 Landscape Studies Lecture Series at Smith College, "LSS 100: Landscape, Design, and the Environment." 

He will speak about The Growth Ponzi Scheme. Most American cities find themselves caught in the Growth Ponzi Scheme. We experience a modest, short term illusion of wealth in exchange for enormous, long term liabilities. We deprive our communities of prosperity, overload our families with debt and become trapped in a spiral of decline. This cannot continue. The way we achieve real, enduring prosperity is by building an America full of what we call Strong Towns.

This event is open to the public, although it is part of a semester-long course at Smith.

(Top photo source: MPerel)