Monterey, CA

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  • 1 Old Golf Course Rd
  • Monterey, CA

Chuck Marohn will speak at the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership's third annual State of the Region conference. This year's theme is "Let's Get Moving!" and it will explore how to break through inertia to get things done, and also more literally showcase ways to improve how people move around the region.

Keynote Presentation (9am-10am)

Chuck Marohn will give a keynote presentation called, "Innovation In Transportation - How to Get People Moving Now." For more than six decades, local governments have been accustomed to building new transportation infrastructure, expanding existing systems in addition to constructing completely new facilities. While liabilities have grown, transportation funding has not kept up. Now there is a desperate need for local governments to shift from building to maintaining, from an approach that emphasizes expansion to one where we mature our use of existing investments. In difficult economic times, this is a scary, but necessary, realignment.

    This presentation will bring the Monterey Bay community into the national conversation about transportation spending and will help local decision-makers determine where to spend precious transportation dollars to get the best return on investment.

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