New Orleans, LA

Entrepreneurs Row
220 Camp Street, 2nd Floor Ballroom

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

Strong Towns President Chuck Marohn will participate in two events as part of the first day of the 2018 CityBuilding Exchange.

From 1:00 – 2:00p.m. Chuck will give a presentation entitled How to Avoid Development Patterns and Policies that Undermine the Fiscal Health of Your Community.

And from 3:00 – 4:30p.m., he’ll participate in a roundtable conversation entitled Better Approaches to Your Biggest Concerns: Fiscal Health, Economic Development, Infrastructure & Transportation. Other panelists include Andrés Duany, Kennedy Smith, John Anderson and Paul Crabtree. Moderated by Nathan Norris.

CityBuilding Exchange is a 2 day conference presented by The CityBuilding Partnership. Find more information and register below.

Top photo via Max Pixel.