A Conversation with Jeff Speck

Jeff Speck is a nationally-recognized expert on building walk-friendly, people-oriented places. His book, Walkable City, is beloved by planners, leaders and residents of cities big and small; and his planning firm, Speck & Associates, works in communities across the country.

As part of Strong Towns' ongoing conversation about slowing cars and creating safer streets, Jeff Speck will take part in a live webcast hosted by Strong Towns President Charles Marohn. Marohn and Speck will discuss the need to slow down cars and focus on creating great places for people in our cities and towns. They'll also talk about practical ways to take action to make this a reality in your community, whether you're an elected official, a city planner or just someone who cares about the future of your neighborhood.

Participants are invited into an open Q&A following the initial discussion.

This webcast will take place February 15 from 12pm - 1pm Central Time Zone.

How to Join

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A recording of this webcast will be published on our site after it airs.