St. Cloud, MN

  • St. Cloud State - Atwood Memorial Center (map)
  • 651 1st Ave S
  • St. Cloud, MN

Chuck Marohn will speak at St. Cloud State University's Winter Institute. His presentation is entitled "Building Economically Strong Communities for an Uncertain Future."

Why are so many cities and towns across North America going broke? Our roads are deteriorating. Our governments are in debt. No matter how much we increase them, our taxes aren’t enough to fix it all. And no one seems to be able to agree on how we got here—much less how to change the course.

This isn’t just about numbers on a budget. This is about the fate of the communities we love most, and the real people that live there. This is about how to give our citizens, today and tomorrow, a chance at the future they deserve. If we want American cities to be strong and resilient we need to change everything about the way we plan and build our places.

This presentation explains what's different about the suburban development pattern that has been in use for the last seventy years, and why it is bankrupting towns across the nation by creating an illusion of wealth rather than long-term prosperity. The presentation goes on to explain how the traditional development pattern based on incremental improvements over a long period of time can create truly productive growth for generations to come, as it has for generations in the past. 

The presentation will conclude with a community-specific discussion of how these ideas apply in the St. Cloud area and open for a question and answer period at the end.

The Winter Institute is an annual celebration of economic education. It is a signature event for the Center for Economic Education, the Economics Department and the School of Public Affairs. This year's theme is Rediscovering Cities.


(Top photo source: Elkman)