Sioux Falls, SD

Chuck Marohn will will give a presentation followed by a round table discussion hosted by Downtown Sioux Falls.

Why are some cities consistently mentioned as great places to live or visit? What makes some cities more note-worthy than others? And what constitutes a great city? Is it its transportation network? Its public spaces? Its financial well-being? Yes. All of that.

If you find issues like these fascinating, or even fancy yourself as a community nerd, then you will not want to miss Community Matters!, featuring Charles Marohn with Strong Towns. 

Charles has spent a couple decades working in the engineering and urban planning professions. He will share his insights so that we may better understand the various facets of the community building issues we care so deeply about. 

Charles will deliver his Neighborhoods First presentation in which he will demonstrate how to take less risk and grow financially stronger, all while directly serving the people already living and working in our community.

You’ll gain perspective on the following topics:

  • An introduction to bottom-up, neighborhood-driven development projects
  • Low risk investments that pay off higher returns
  • Using investments to improve quality of life for residents

His presentation will be followed by a round table discussion moderated by Jodi Schwan, where his perspective will be discussed further in depth, fielding audience questions as well.

Tickets are required for this event. 


(Top photo source: seabear70)