An Open Discussion with Chuck Marohn (12pm ET)

We hope you were able to join us for Chuck Marohn's Curbside Chat presentation on April 17. We were so inspired by you and your town; Akron truly is an amazing place. 

But whether or not you made it to the Curbside Chat, that was just the beginning. Thanks to the support of the Knight Foundation, Strong Towns is doing a year-long focus on the Akron Community—and that means we're keeping the conversation. 

On April 26th, we'll be hosting a live webcast just for Akronites, where you can ask our President, Chuck Marohn, anything you're wondering about what a Strong Towns approach would mean for your community.

Register now for Ask Strong Towns—Akron edition (and feel free to share that link with a local friend!), and join us live on 4/26 at 12pm EST.

We also invite you to follow all of our ongoing Akron-area coverage right here, or if you're more of a social media person, keep an eye on the Strong Akron facebook page.