Phoenix, AZ

  • A. E. England Building (map)
  • 424 N Central Ave
  • Phoenix, AZ

Chuck Marohn will give a presentation in Phoenix, AZ hosted by the Downtown Voices Coalition, The Urban Phoenix Project and LISC.

In this presentation, the Curbside Chat, we explain, in plain language, how so many American cities have found themselves in decline after decades of “growth.” The problem lies in the current model of development — one which values short-term gains over long-term prosperity. To strengthen our cities and ensure their economic success, we must look to traditional ways of building cities. In this presentation, we show how active citizens, local officials and design professionals can change the negative trajectory in their towns and help them to become more resilient — no matter what challenges lie ahead.

This core Strong Towns presentation is a game-changer for communities looking to grow more resilient in an uncertain future.

BONUS: Want to grab a drink with Chuck and your fellow Strong Towns members? Join us for a drink at The Park Street Food Bar (3 S 2nd St #114) on August 8th at 8p.m. Attendance at Chuck's speaking engagement is not required; feel free to bring a friend, and just ask for "Strong Towns" at the host stand. 

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(Top photo by Melikamp)