Rochester, MN

125 Live
125 Elton Hills Dr NW
Rochester, Minnesota 55901

Strong Towns President Chuck Marohn will deliver a presentation sponsored by AARP.

In a "Livable Community" people of all ages can go for a walk, socialize and be entertained, work and volunteer, get around without a car, raise a family, afford their home, live safely and comfortably, find the services they need... and much more.

For decades Rochester has been recognized atop various lists of "best places to live" and residents have enjoyed the quality of life. But as our local leaders pursue more and more growth, residents are finding the region they love changing faster than ever before—leaving many anxious about what the future will hold.

Join AARP Minnesota and In the City for Good for a forum on how cities can ensure that their communities remain livable forever by embracing the power of incremental development–and how average citizens can help. Charles Marohn, founder and president of Strong Towns, will discuss his ground-breaking Strong Towns approach, which upends generations of our dominant approach to building our places and encourages us to return to humble, bottom-up strategies that make our places financially strong, resilient, and livable for citizens of all ages.  

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Top photo via Creative Commons.