Frequently Asked Questions

Read the Strong Towns’ About page, but still have questions? Go a little deeper here.

+ What is the mission of Strong Towns?

The mission of Strong Towns is to support a model of development that allows America's cities, towns and neighborhoods to become financially strong and resilient. You can read our official mission statement here.

+ Who is Strong Towns for?

Strong Towns is for everyone who wants their place to be stronger, whether you’re an average citizen or a local leader, a trained engineer or an enthusiastic neighborhood activist, a cyclist or a driver, young or old.

+ If I’m brand new to Strong Towns, where should I start?

We're so glad you're here! Feel free to explore any part of our site or visit our newcomers page if you'd like a little guidance.

+ Where can I learn about the history of Strong Towns?

Strong Towns was started as a blog in 2008 by civil engineer and planner Chuck Marohn, but it's grown into so much more. Learn more about our history here.

+What is Strong Towns’s political affiliation?

Strong Towns is a 501c3 nonprofit that does not endorse political candidates for office. But more than that, we're proud to be a nonpartisan organization where strong citizens from across the political spectrum can gather around the common goal of making the Strong Towns approach real in more places. We consistently find that our movement is uniquely politically diverse, and our readership consists of people identifying as broadly liberal, conservative, moderate, and everything in between. We like to say we don’t lean left or right, but we do lean front, leading a bold new path forward that doesn’t comfortably belong to any major ideology.

+ Where can I find a list of Strong Towns’ platforms on political and urbanist topics that are important to me?

Strong Towns is is a process, not an ideology. Our goal is to challenge every reader to set their preconceptions aside and ask a more fundamental set of questions about the way our places are built and how those choices impact their long-term prosperity and resilience. To get a better sense of what we mean, we'd encourage you to check out the Strong Towns strength test.

+ Does Strong Towns have local chapters?

While the Strong Towns organization doesn't administer local chapters, we encourage members of the Strong Towns Network to self-organize to create change in their local communities. Visit our local conversations map to learn more about how you can start or join a conversation with your neighbors who care about Strong Towns, and how our organization can help you reach out to them.

+ Does Strong Towns consult with individual cities and towns?

No. Strong Towns is deliberately not a consultancy organization, because we believe our cities need to change from the bottom up in response to a deep engagement with the unique realities of their place. We’re happy to speak to your town leaders and citizens about our approach, but we’re more excited to see what you do with our message.

+ Does Strong Towns produce white papers, design guides for cities, or other professional tools?

No. Strong Towns is all about encouraging you to analyze the challenges and strengths of your unique place and find bespoke solutions, rather than relying on one-size-fits-all recommendations that aren’t sensitive to local needs. We know it’s harder. We also know it’s worth it. For an example of what we mean, check out the Strong Towns Strength Test.

+ Does Strong Towns maintain an index of certified strong cities, towns and communities?

No. The Strong Towns approach is a process that places must commit to every day, not a certification you can achieve. Check out our success stories page and the winners of our annual Strongest Town contest and get inspired by the projects and places that have used the Strong Towns approach to create real change.

+ Who funds Strong Towns?

Strong Towns is an independent 501c3. We are proud to receive most of our funding from individuals who believe in our message and decide to join the movement, organizations that bring us to their communities to spread our message, and a carefully selected list of sponsors who share our ideals.

+ How can I bring a Strong Towns event to my town?

We’d love to come to your town! Visit our speaking page to learn more.

+ I want to get more involved in the Strong Towns network. What should I do?

There are a million ways to plug in! Here are just a few:

+ My question isn’t answered here.

No problem. Just email us.