The following are our basic financial statements. People are often shocked that we share this information as liberally as we do. We think it's important to do so for a number of reasons. First, we're not joking that we're a member-driven organization. We're not funded by any shadow organizations or people with deep pockets. When people donate to us, it makes a huge difference. We need the support of our members to do what we do.

We also think it's important to show the resources that we're working with. We run into people who think we have a staff of a couple dozen people and a budget in the millions. That's just not the case. We're changing the conversation in this country and we're doing it on a shoestring budget.

Finally, we want to show you that we're good stewards of your donations, this organization and the movement we're all a part of. None of what we do is possible without the buy-in of thousands of people across the country. You're not only the ones donating to us but you're the ones sharing our message and doing the hard work in this country's neighborhoods. It's never crossed our minds to not share this information with you. You're as vested collectively as we are. 

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After dealing with some transition costs in 2015 during our staff retooling following the adoption of our Strategic Plan, we were able to improve our balance sheet substantially in 2016. This is reflected in our profit and loss statement where we show a net income of nearly $38,000 (11%). If you would like a more detailed version of our P&L statement, we've made that available here

In February 2016, the Strong Towns Board of Directors approved the 2017 Budget. That document can be viewed as a Google spreadsheet.

The most significant item in our 2017 budget is that we are not relying on any support from foundations or major donors. We are not shunning such support and, in fact, are investing time and energy in developing those relationships, but nothing in our implementation plan for 2017 relies on those funding sources. If they materialize, we will be able to accelerate our approach. If not, we're still confident we'll be able to implement our 2017 plan at current staffing levels.