Once a week I do a radio segment on KAXE, a community radio station based out of Grand Rapids. The segment I am on is about politics in Minnesota, something I am passionate about, but which is not the focus of this blog (nor do I want it to be).

Last week we talked about the now-resolved Coleman/Franken recount, which veered into a discussion on election reform. As is the case with live radio, you do not always have the opportunity to say exactly what you want, as you would want to. When that happens, and I am particularly passionate on a subject, I will write down my thoughts and send them to the Morning Show host, Scott Hall, for the KAXE Blog.

So, for those of you tuning in for more thoughts on building Strong Towns, you can count on our normal Wednesday post, which will be another in the Strong Town Brainerd series. If you are interested, though, here is a link to my blog post on the recount. It is not the standard partisan response, but will provide some insight into how I approach things, giving context to the work we do here.

See you tomorrow.