Hey there, Strong Towns Team.

This week I had on my calendar speaking engagements in Bismarck (Thursday) and Minneapolis (Friday). Tuesday night my wife had a meeting and so I had one of those great "dad only" nights with my two girls. We had a fun dinner, they took baths, read books and just had an enjoyable evening.

Opening up Facebook that evening, I noticed a photo posted by Dawn Kopp, Bismarck Downtowners, with the caption, "Going out to eat with the conference presenters." Hmmm.... That's odd. I'm one of the conference presenters, but our dinner is not until tomorrow night.

Then I scrolled down further and found another post, this one from Kate Herzog of the Downtowners. It said, "Day 1 of the North Dakota Downtown Conference was great. Can't wait for Day 2."


I thought this was only a two day conference, not a three day. 

At this point I'm still fairly confident my speaking slot is Thursday at 9:30 AM and I'm still planning to leave for Bismarck sometime around lunch on Wednesday. But just to be sure, I double check my email confirmation.

Gulp. My speech is Wednesday. In thirteen hours I am supposed to be the morning keynote at a conference six hours away.

I text my wife --- COME HOME -- and pack my bags. She drives in. I drive out. Five+ hours, two Mountain Dews and a pack of sunflower seeds later, I'm in Bismarck.

Everything went fine -- the speech went well and it was fantastic to be there -- but there is no question that without Facebook and two active social posters, I would have really blown this one. Big time.

Thank you to Dawn Kopp, Kate Herzog and the Bismarck Downtowners as well as the Minnesota AIA for inviting me to speak this week. If you would like to schedule a Curbside Chat in your community, you can sign up right from our website

And I promise to get the date right.

On a programming note....next week is Give to the Max week, a fundraiser based around Minnesota's Give to the Max day. We're going to be going NPR on you, asking for funds and making the best pitch we can for why Strong Towns is a great philanthropic investment. We're going to try and make it fun too, so please stop by, give what you can and help us reach as many people as possible. We're going to have some participatory things here so, even if you have already donated to us (thank you) or simply don't have the means at this point, you can still help us make the week a success.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.