Friday News Copout, Big Apple Version

Hey team. I have to apologize for not getting the News Digest out today. I snuck away this week for a top secret gathering of change-makers in New York City. Some pretty school stuff with some really exciting people. I hope to be able to talk about it soon.

My intention was to still do the digest, and I have a lot of great stuff, but we got back late for dinner and then I opted (for my own enlightenment) to do a little touring of NYC. Now it's really late and I have a breakfast meeting in just five hours, so fatigue -- and my obligations for tomorrow -- demand that I close my eyes here for a while. 

If you didn't catch it, we released a new podcast yesterday previewing a report we have coming out very soon. The audio is from an interview I did on KAXE. We go over a number of case studies and I give a little deeper background than you'll hear in other places, including our Curbside Chat presentation. 

Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for your patience. We'll see you back here Monday.