I had a great time in St. Louis this week. Did two Curbside Chats and gave our Transportation in the Next American City presentation for the first time (went well), met with many different groups of people and didn't sleep much. Good for sharing the message. Bad for the news digest.

If that wasn't enough, I then flew to Jackson, Wyoming, where I'm doing a workshop today. Did I mention I'm getting a little tired? Anyway, I know there are a number of you that are really sad when there is no news digest (I'm one of them), I want to apologize and, in consolation, share this video with you on asset forfeiture.

To set it up: I've worked with local governments and had many interactions with police departments. None of this surprised me in the least. All of the incentives we are providing local police departments are wrong. This is a huge problem. When we hear from the poorer residents of Ferguson that they feel a disconnect from the local police -- something we hear from people living in poverty in many cities (when you hear "poverty" in this case think "unable to fight this") -- this kind of thing should connect some dots for you, even while it makes you laugh a little.