Monday Update

Happy Monday, Strong Towns supporters. I know many of you look forward to some fresh content to kick start your week and, quite frankly, I enjoy putting it together for you Sunday evening. I usually get started after the family is in bed and then write until I’m done, sometimes pretty early into Monday morning.

Today I’m kicking off a long week of travel by leaving the house around 5:00 AM. I’m headed to Kansas City for the night and then am flying back to Minnesota Tuesday in order to catch a flight to San Antonio. I’ll be working in Texas the rest of the week and then attending my cousin’s graduation in Austin Saturday. So this week is going to be a marathon, not a sprint.

Understanding that, I opted to skip my normal Monday slot even though I have about three different things I really NEED to write about (writing is my way of figuring things out – a kind of therapy, I guess). I should have some time to make it up to you as the week goes on.

All this being said, if you are in Kansas City, San Antonio or Austin and want to get together this week, make sure you are a member of Strong Towns. I’m a little bit behind (I have been on the road six out of the past seven weeks) but am going to try and pull off some member get togethers, so get signed up now and watch for an email.

Thanks everyone, and keep doing what you can to build a strong town.