Send Us Your Strong Towns Success Stories

The work of Strong Towns reaches far beyond the edges of your laptop or phone screen. Every day, we hear about Strong Towns members who are taking what they learn from our articlespodcasts and events and putting those ideas into action. Those actions have catalyzed a movement that reaches tens of thousands of people every week.

A group of St. Louis residents created this pop-up roundabout to slow traffic on a neighborhood street.

Our goal isn’t just to inform you about the best ideas for building fiscally strong and resilient towns and cities—though we do hope we’re doing that. Our goal is to change the conversation—all over the continent, even in places our staff will never have the time to visit ourselves.

Strong Towns is different because we’re building a movement of a million people who care.

And right now, we need your help. Our fall member drive is coming up in a couple weeks, and we want to showcase the range of places where Strong Towns members are out there getting it done in their communities.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum presents at the Main Street ND Summit with Chuck Marohn.

Maybe you got a group of citizens together to push for safer street design or better parks or a school your kids can walk to.

Maybe you’re a city planner and ideas inspired by Strong Towns made it into your latest comprehensive plan or influenced your transportation priorities.

Maybe you’re an elected official and you’ve started asking a deeper set of questions about how your community is preparing itself for the future.

Maybe you’re a developer or architect and we changed how you think about creating a place that will stand the test of time.

Or maybe you just did something as small as planting a tree at the end of your driveway to give passerby on foot a little shade—and subtly suggest that cars should slow down and enjoy the greenery.

Whatever you’ve done, we want to know about it.

• Have you done something in your town that’s inspired by our message and content? Do you know of others who have?

• Is Strong Towns helping to change the conversation where you live? Has it influenced local policy or decisions?

We want to hear about it, so we can tell the world how we’re getting the word out there. So we made a survey, which you can fill out here. It’s short and simple, so please take a few minutes and let us know if you’ve got a local success story—or a future one in progress—that’s escaped our notice.

You can also contact our content manager, Daniel Herriges, directly at if you have a story you think we should tell on the site.

(Cover photo from Carlisle, PA’s submission to our 2016 Strongest Town contest.)