Top 5 Recent Stories (October 7-October 11)

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1. Listen Up, Washington: No New Roads

by Charles Marohn | October 7, 2019

The advocacy group Transportation for America makes a bold move on transportation funding. We applaud them for it.

2. A Good, Long Walk

by Charles Marohn | October 4, 2019

A trip to Italy reveals the physical, social, and even cultural benefits of walking. But coming home to the auto-oriented U.S. reveals something too: just how dangerous, difficult, and unpleasant we’ve made things for pedestrians.

3. We Need Growth. But Only If It Generates Real Wealth.

by Daniel Herriges | October 9, 2019

We’ve been living for decades on the urban economic equivalent of anabolic steroids: it’s time for some good old-fashioned diet and exercise. The key is to reorient the way we approach growth. Instead of thinning out our cities and taking on more infrastructure liabilities, we need to wring real value out of the places we’ve already built.

4. The Power of Information Equity

by Joe Minicozzi | October 8, 2019

Information about our city’s revenue, expenses and liabilities is usually presented in ways that disempower most people from making informed decisions. But what about folks who aren’t a Level 20 Spreadsheet Wizard? How can we use data to better tell the story of where we are now — and empower more people to write the story of their city’s future?

5. Fighting for Transit in Boardrooms and Church Halls

by Steven Higashide | October 8, 2019

An odd-bedfellows coalition of businesses, faith-based poverty advocates, and an idiosyncratic right-wing mayor, helped expand transit in one of the most auto-centric cities in the country. Here’s how.

Top photo by Andy Feliciotti.