Kevin Shepherd, P.E., ENV-SP, has over 24 years of experience in civil engineering, planning, municipal finance, and community engagement. Considered by many to be a thought leader and pioneer in the planning/engineering field, Kevin leverages his unique background and communication talents to educate, challenge traditional silos, and bring perspectives together to encourage communities to build in a manner that is more fiscally responsible, healthy and sustainable.

He spent the first 17 years of his career working for a large A/E firm where his career transitioned from designing transportation and neighborhood infrastructure projects to serving as national director of the firm's Community Planning and Urban Design practice. In 2011, he left to start VERDUNITY, an award-winning community consulting firm that helps community leaders apply Strong Towns principles to how they plan, build and manage their cities. Most recently, he and his colleagues launched the Go Cultivate! blog, podcast and workshops, where they share and discuss strategies to help community builders grow themselves, their neighborhoods and their cities. Kevin is a founding member of Strong Towns and board member for the North Texas chapter of CNU. He's a husband and father of two. Preserving and enhancing quality of life for his kids and future generations is what drives him.