Does this city need a thriving neighborhood or a route for an expensive highway?

Should Shreveport, Louisiana spend hundreds of millions of dollars and destroy a neighborhood, 
all so that cars can drive a little faster through the heart of the city?

What's happening in Shreveport?

Today, at a time when most municipalities are drowning in infrastructure debt and maintenance costs, the city of Shreveport, LA is planning to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a 3.6 mile inner-city highway. Proponents argue it will bring economic growth. In city after city, history has shown that urban highways do just the opposite.

The neighborhood that the I-49 inner-city connector in Shreveport would run through — Allendale — has seen many ups and downs over the last century. Today, it is a lower crime area with homeowners and residents who care about their place. There's a community garden, a neighborhood group and community gathering places. An inner-city highway would destroy every gain that Allendale has made.

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I’m forever changed by Strong Towns, and along with my new friends in our once small neighborhood group, Allendale Strong, we are Strong Citizens making Shreveport into a Strong Town.
— John Perkins, Shreveport resident and Strong Towns member

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