Slow the Cars

This is how elected officials can make their communities safe and prosperous

Why Slow the Cars?

Do you want your town to become safer and more economically resilient? Streets that are built for people, using traditional development patterns, can help you achieve both of those goals. On the other hand, streets with wide lanes, huge clearance zones and other dangerous design features cause thousands of pedestrian and car passenger deaths every year. Dangerous roads do not make productive use of our land or our lives. Furthermore, they depress investment in our cities by making our neighborhoods less pleasant places to be.

On this page, you'll find resources and ideas to help elected officials lead the way in making their towns safer and more economically productive.

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Are you working to make streets safer and more prosperous for residents in your town? Join a community of people who are pushing for these changes in towns across America.


(Top photo source: AHOC)