Urban3 is a private consulting firm specializing in land value economics, property and retail tax analysis and community design. Urban3 helps communities make better decisions through the understanding of data and design. They provide a uniquely comprehensive examination of the fiscal health of your community by combining local development history, the implications of policy, and their experience with different finance systems around the world. Urban3 examines differential patterns of development down to the level of individual parcels, but at the scale of your entire community. Beyond analysis, what makes Urban3 distinctive is their ability to visualize and communicate the story of your community's data, highlighting the significant issues and trends using your tax assessment and often retail sales data. Urban3’s method simplifies complex information to include everyone in real conversations about community growth.

Urban3 seeks to empower its clients with the ability to promote development patterns that secure the community's fiscal condition while reinforcing a stronger sense of place. The company name acknowledges that cities and towns are a "cubed" or 3-dimensional representation of space. This space, created by the built environment, is the basis of urban design. Urban3 strives to provide a deeper understanding of this environment by measuring data and visualizing its results.

In addition to financially supporting Strong Towns, Urban3 collaborates with Strong Towns on many tax analysis and data visualization projects as well as events around the country. See Urban3's work on the Strong Towns website.

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