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When it comes to creating safe and prosperous communities, we need to start with our streets. All too often, we design our road networks as if their primary role is to move cars through our neighborhoods as quickly as possible, and the adverse effects are clear: We create dangerous spaces for both drivers and pedestrians, we go into bottomless debt to pay for endless road expansion projects, and we sacrifice the character and economic productivity that makes our cities thrive.

Strong Towns is dedicated to changing our dangerous and insolvent road culture once and for all, which is why we've put together some of our best essays to help empower you to #slowthecars in your town.

In this exclusive ebook, you will discover:

  • The difference between building streets for people and building roads for cars.

  • Affordable and effective design principles that can make a difference in your town.
  • Why walkable, people-oriented streets are the most economically productive form of development we can choose for our communities.
  • Why better design — not ticketing or speed limits — is the only way to truly achieve our goals.
  • Finally, we’ll leave you with five things that anyone can do right now to slow the cars in your town—no professional experience required.

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