Here is the application form for the 2019 Strongest Town Contest. Scroll down for a list of the questions, if you would like to use them to draft your answers before entering them into the online form.

Strongest Town Application Questions

• Name of your town

• State / province your town is located in

• First and last names of everyone on your team

• Contact email address

• Contact phone number

• At Strong Towns, we believe that local government is a platform for strong citizens to collaboratively build a prosperous place. How are residents in your town involved in shaping its future? How do residents’ experiences, struggles, and concerns directly inform the projects undertaken by local government? Provide one or more examples.

At Strong Towns we believe that financial solvency is a prerequisite for long-term prosperity. What steps has your community taken to ensure its financial security? Do local leaders adequately do the math on new investments proposed in your town to ensure that they’ll be able to afford them now and afford their maintenance in the future?

If we took a walking tour through your town, what would we see? How does your community use its land productively to promote long-term financial resilience?

Tell us about your community's local economy. Who are the key players, big and small, and how do they help your town to be financially strong and resilient? What local businesses are you most proud of?

What transportation options exist in your town for people of varying ages, abilities, and means? How easy is it to live in your town without regular access to a car? What transportation investments has your town recently made or is it in the process of making?

How easy is it to become an entrepreneur or a small-scale developer in your town? What kinds of support are available for a resident who wants to open a business or build on a small vacant lot?

What is your favorite thing about your town?

• What is the biggest challenge your town faces, and what are you doing to address it?

• Yes or no: Does at least one member of your team agree to participate in additional activities if you make it to the next level(s)? This may include submitting photographs of your town, being interviewed on a Strong Towns podcast and/or participating in a webinar. Please consult the contest schedule in advance to know when these deadlines will occur.

• Yes or no: If selected, would you be willing to provide a list of local media sources (and, if available, media contact email addresses) for the major publications, stations and media outlets in your town?

• Please email one photo of your town to with the subject header: "Strongest Town Photo: TOWN NAME." We'll use this if you make it to the first round of the contest. You must include the name of the photographer or the photo credit in your email and the photo must be one that we have permission to publish on our site (If you find it via internet search, it must be Creative Commons or Public Domain licensed).

Any questions? Email Content Manager Daniel Herriges at .