Please pick one of these topics and join the discussion.

  1. Find ways to make it easier for citizens who have ideas to be heard and contribute to their communities.  –Tim Wright

  2. Transform my main street from a stroad into a street. – Aaron Barlow

  3. Create a Better-Block-style toolkit that any neighborhood could use. – Kari Maillouix

  4. Plan a Killer Code Hackathon: nominate towns with killer codes (e.g. codes against awnings, cafes, outdoor seating, etc.) and recruit volunteers to analyze them, rip them apart, and devise a plan to get those codes eliminated. -David Moss

  5. Fight bad highway expansion projects –Adam Cozette

  6. Become amazing re-educators of local leaders and citizens on how to make better places.– Jim Hodapp

  7. Find ways to get federal and state money straight to cities and bypass DOTs.  -Anonymous

  8. Create a fiscal impact model that would allow my city to evaluate development proposals according to all costs and benefits associated with build out and land use productivity. #DotheMath –Daniel Nairn, Stephen Lassiter & David Whitham

  9. Use a Vision Zero model to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2030. –John Thomas

  10. Explore temporary, inexpensive tactical urbanism projects to create better streets – Nimish and Kelly

  11. Find solutions to the problem of emergency vehicle access while also narrowing and slowing our streets–Janine Farzen

  12. Work with local government to develop a working, sustainable public transportation system and overcome car-centric culture in a rural community. –James Jackson

  13. Convince local government leaders and staff to be less afraid of change and innovation– Travis Dunn

  14. Figure out how to convince my neighbors and local government that a protected bike lane is worthwhile even if it will remove some space from a traffic lane –Karen Gallagher

  15. Treat trains as mobile public spaces that function like a street – Mike Christiansen

  16. Establish criteria for a city to become a certified Strong Town (a la LEED certification) – Dane Eifling

  17. Build a strong community in a neighborhood that has walkable, transit-oriented design, but not a wide array of places to walk to yet. – Brian Hodapp & Paul Fritz

  18. Build location-based tools (games, simulations, data products) to help with community engagement and education – Louis Burns.

  19. Find ways to change civil engineers’ perception of criticism. -Anonymous

  20. Convince cities to build up instead of out  -Anonymous