The 2017 Strong Towns Summit

America's Next Transportation System: Transforming More While Spending Less

Strong Towns is pleased to announce its first ever national summit, entitled:
 “America's Next Transportation System: Transforming More While Spending Less.”

 Photo by Adam Coppola Photography

Photo by Adam Coppola Photography

Date: Thursday, March 30- Saturday, April 1, 2017
(Optional Curbside Chat on Thursday evening. Main events run from 9am on Friday through 12:30pm on Saturday)

Location: Downtown Tulsa, OK (main location: One Williams Center)

Cost: $125

For more than six decades, local governments have been accustomed to building new transportation infrastructure, expanding existing systems in addition to constructing completely new facilities. While liabilities have grown, transportation funding has not kept up. Now there is a desperate need for local governments to change their approach. We need to shift our strategy from an emphasis on continuous expansion to a more mature focus on maintenance and maximization of existing infrastructure. In difficult economic times, this is a scary, but necessary, realignment.

Strong Towns is coming to Tulsa, OK to host a nationwide summit called “America's Next Transportation System: Transforming More While Spending Less.” This summit will show how our current land use and transportation patterns are bankrupting our cities—but that a more productive model for prosperity is possible. Our conversation will feature national transportation, engineering and planning experts, as well as local government and nonprofit leaders and will be highly interactive, inviting frequent feedback from event attendees. 

The summit will cover topics including:

  • The private and public costs of our ever-expanding development model
  • How to stop unnecessary road construction in your town
  • Being strategic about transportation funding
  • Congestion and street design
  • Making smart choices about the amount of parking in your town
  • How walkability can improve the financial productivity of your town

*Does not include meals, accommodations or travel. But most event locations will be within walking distance.

Schedule, Transportation, Speakers and more

Attending the summit? Curious who's speaking? Want to book a hotel room? Get all the information you need here:




The P. Vincent LoVoi Family Foundation

Who should attend the summit?

This event will offer something for everyone:

  • For the person who’s new to Strong Towns: We’ll host a Curbside Chat the night before the event which serves as a perfect introduction to Strong Towns ideas. You’ll be ready to jump in on the discussion for the rest of the event.
  • For the interested observer: This event will provide plenty of opportunity to listen, digest and learn about transportation and land use issues. You’ll come home to your community with a host of new ideas for shaping strong towns.
  • For the dedicated Strong Towns member: Book-ending the Summit, we’re planning to host several opportunities to meet with other members, chat with Strong Towns staff, and help plan the future of the Strong Towns movement. You won’t want to miss it.
  • For the person who can’t attend: Fear not. We’re aiming to livestream the whole summit on our website. We’re also going to publish articles and interviews with the summit speakers beforehand, so there will be plenty of ways to participate, even from afar.


You hear it all the time whenever someone suggests a new solution to an age-old problem: "That may work in New York or San Francisco, but this is [Insert Town Name] and it will never work here." Strong Towns believes that the experiences of smaller cities and towns can teach us a lot about how to build thriving, financially sustainable places. Because so many cities share the same challenges, the solutions we identify in these "city labs" are scalable, and can be applied to neighborhoods, towns and cities throughout the nation. That's why we're headed to Tulsa, OK this spring for our national Strong Towns Summit.

We’ve also chosen Tulsa because we have several active Strong Towns members there who are helping to put this event together. Finally, Tulsa is centrally located and in a region that the members and readers we surveyed prior to planning this event indicated as preferable.