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We host regular interactive webcasts on a range of relevant topics that will help you build strong towns.
Webcasts feature Strong Towns members, experts and staff. 

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Jeff Speck is a nationally-recognized expert on building walk-friendly, people-oriented places. His book, Walkable City, is beloved by planners, leaders and residents of cities big and small; and his planning firm, Speck & Associates, works in communities across the country. We brought him on our webcast in February of 2018 to hear his perspective on building walkable places and why that's so important for the success and health of our cities.

On a daily basis, we hear about people killed in car crashes. The deaths of pedestrians and children are particularly troubling, and yet they keep happening. The solutions typically employed by our cities and state departments of transportation don't truly solving the problem. In this 2018 webcast, President of Strong Towns Chuck Marohn shares a simple, yet radical solution that will save lives and make our communities more economically productive in the process.

Are you excited about the Strong Towns message, but not sure how to start cultivating change in your own community? This webcast, led by the team at Cultivate Collaborative in October 2017 gives you an introduction in how to do that.

In this September 2017 webcast, Kea Wilson hosts a conversation with Molly Rockamann, founding director of EarthDance Organic Farm School in Ferguson, Missouri, to discuss the role of local food in building strong towns.

In this May 2017 webcast, Strong Towns members and government staff from Fate, TX share their method for "doing the math" on development in their town and offer advice on how to make wise financial decisions for your own town.

This webcast features representatives from the two towns who made it to the final round in our 2017 Strongest Town Contest: Mayor Cam Guthrie of Guelph, ON and Russ Soyring, Planning Director for Traverse City, MI, competing for the title of Strongest.

This 2016 webcast (our most popular ever!) features Josh McCarty of Urban3 explaining how to conduct a value per acre analysis—a vital tool here at Strong Towns. It is an incredibly effective way to visualize how traditional development patterns compare to auto-oriented suburbia.

This 2016 webcast is part of our #NoNewRoads campaign and it features Todd Litman, founder and executive director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative solutions to transport problems. 

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