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Podcast Show 171: Kristin Green of Verdunity

We are really proud to be associated with some amazing people who are working hard to advance the principles of Strong Towns in their chosen profession. This week on the podcast we have a conversation with Kristin Green, the dynamic and visionary leader of the Texas-based engineering firm, Verdunity. Kristin and her colleagues brought the Strong Towns Curbside Chat to the Dallas area earlier this year and, in partnership with them, we are planning a return trip this October. They are pioneers in their field and it is a real pleasure to be able to share this conversation with you.

Verdunity combines the concepts of “green” (verde) with community in an effort to restore the balance between urban and natural systems and create long term prosperity for the communities they work with. They are a sponsor of Strong Towns and we are grateful for their ongoing support and their pioneering approach.

Our mission is to support a model of growth that allows America’s cities, towns and neighborhoods become financially strong and resilient. If you are an organization doing compelling work consistent with the principles of Strong Towns and would be interested in supporting our efforts to build a stronger America, please contact our Executive Director, Jim Kumon, to discuss ways we can potentially work together.

Show 171: Kristin Green


Prosperity means places

More beautiful work from Strong Towns contributor Gracen Johnson of Another Place for Me.

Prosperity means places. from Gracen Johnson on Vimeo.



Beyond Complete Streets Tomorrow

One last reminder that tomorrow is our member webinar, Beyond Complete Streets. You can click here to register.

Complete Streets is a rational response to an irrational world, but is it enough? Should we be satisfied building places for automobiles that now also accommodate people as an afterthought? Is there downside to embedding this thinking into our codes and statutes?


This online presentation, with Q&A to follow, will explore the limitations of using complete streets to build a strong town and how we can move beyond complete streets to build productive places built for people that also accommodate automobiles.

You must be a member of Strong Towns to participate in this event.

WHEN: April 17, 2014 at 1pm - 2:30pm Central

WHERE: Online Webinar (login here)