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The Strong Towns movement is dedicated to making communities across North America financially strong and resilient. But it's how we do this that makes us unique — and makes your decision to join us so important.

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  • Challenge every North American — whether they're a powerful national leader, an ordinary citizen, or anything in between — to see the flaws in our dominant development pattern,
  • Empower Strong Citizens to speak up for a better way to build,
  • Shine a spotlight on a radically new approach to growth, development and governance that will make our places truly resilient, and
  • Give all Americans the tools, resources and relationships they need to make that approach real in their place.

When you join the Strong Towns movement, you help us produce the content, events, and platforms for connection that we need to accomplish these urgent objectives — and that our communities need to make the Strong Towns approach the default for all cities and towns in North America.

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