Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum

As you are checking out the new website, there is one special place I want to direct you while I'm delivering an important message to our key supporters.

Curbside Chat Trailer

We have been working on a series of videos breaking the Curbside Chat presentation into smaller bites for people. The first two of those were first shown publicly at the National Gathering. Here is what we are calling the Curbside Chat Trailer, a good overview of the chat's core message.

This was put together by the incredibly talented Gracen Johnson whose voice you can hear along with mine. If you would like more of this and learn more about the entire enhanced chat project, we have created a special page for you.

National Gathering

National Gathering

Updates from this incredible event to follow this week. Welcome to the new website.

How To Justify Spending $8m On Something Nobody Wants

Imagine if the City of Minneapolis was given $8.7 million that could only be used on downtown pedestrian and/or transit projects. What would they do? The answer is: not a pedestrian bridge to be used during 10 sports games a year.

Investing Cheap Money

How can we best invest cheap money? With a Strong Towns approach to debt centered on true investments which pay a measurable return and legitimate cash flow in a city that understands its true balance sheet.

Domain Dependence

Whenever I talk about America’s reckless monetary policy, I’m inevitably told to stop. Stick to planning, Chuck is one of the nicer responses. You’re an idiot is another common one. Here’s another from Facebook last Friday:

I love all the planning and development stuff yall put out but the economics stuff is not at the same level.

Ouch. And that from someone whose Facebook page indicates he studied economics at TX State and the London School of Economics.

This phenomenon is called domain dependence. Domain dependence is the phenomenon that prompts people to adopt a different approach or worldview depending on the domain.

Friday News Digest

Just one week until the start of the National Gathering. The excitement is building around here as we put the final details in place. I looked at the attendee list and found my enthusiasm rising to eve greater heights. This is going to be a fantastic event. Hope to see you there.

Stroading in Utah

This one sent to us by Mike Hathorne is from Spanish Fork, Utah. This is the perfect stroading photo. It captures all three aspects of the perfect stroad photo: peak daylight hours, wide stroad & no vehicles.

Friday News Digest in production....