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Show 183: Santiago Garces

Santiago Garces, who heads the Data, Performance and Innovation program at the city of South Bend, talks with Chuck about how technology can help local governments do more with less.

Show 183: Santiago Garces


Show 182: CNU NextGen Roundtable

This, our last podcast from CNU 22 in Buffalo, is the NextGen Roundtable, a discussion that began with Chuck Marohn and Gracen Johnson and went in all sorts of crazy directions. 

Show 182: NextGen


Show 181: Peatonito & John Yung

This week’s podcast is a double header starting with the first super hero ever to appear on a Strong Towns Podcast (still waiting on Cap’n Transit), the Mexican pedestrian advocate Peatonito. Then we’re joined by the slightly more reserved, but equally cool, John Yung of the site UrbanCincy.

Show 181: Peatonito


Show 180: John Anderson

John Anderson of Anderson|Kim Architecture and Urban Design joins the podcast this week to talk about development in a post-easy money world. Get out the title for your Tercel, put your pro-forma together and listen to a fascinating conversation. 

Show 180: John Anderson


Show 179: Ben Hamilton-Baillie

Ben Hamilton-Baillie, street designer and shared space advocate, joins the podcast from CNU 22 in Buffalo to talk about shared space, his memories of Hans Monderman and hopes for American transportation. This is a very special podcast you are not going to want to miss.

You can follow Ben Hamilton-Baillie on Twitter, see more of his work on his firm’s website and watch the video, Poyton Regenerated, that was discussed in the podcast.

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Show 179: Ben Hamilton-Baillie