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Show 174: Memphis Boot Camp

Chuck Marohn and Gracen Johnson talk about the Memphis Boot Camp.

Show 174: Memphis Boot Camp


Show 173: Another Place for Chuck

Gracen Johnson of Another Place for Me is in the studio for this week’s podcast with Chuck Marohn talking about Brainerd, MN, and whether we ultimately need Another Place for Chuck.

Show 173: Another Place for Chuck


Show 172: CNU 22 Preview

This week we preview CNU 22 in Buffalo with two members of the host committee, Chuck Banas and Chris Hawley. You can register for CNU on the congress website.

Strong Towns will have a large presence at CNU this year, with podcast interviews, members meetups and we kick it off with a mini Boot Camp. We hope to see you there.

Show 172: CNU 22 Preview


Show 171: Kristin Green of Verdunity

We are really proud to be associated with some amazing people who are working hard to advance the principles of Strong Towns in their chosen profession. This week on the podcast we have a conversation with Kristin Green, the dynamic and visionary leader of the Texas-based engineering firm, Verdunity. Kristin and her colleagues brought the Strong Towns Curbside Chat to the Dallas area earlier this year and, in partnership with them, we are planning a return trip this October. They are pioneers in their field and it is a real pleasure to be able to share this conversation with you.

Verdunity combines the concepts of “green” (verde) with community in an effort to restore the balance between urban and natural systems and create long term prosperity for the communities they work with. They are a sponsor of Strong Towns and we are grateful for their ongoing support and their pioneering approach.

Our mission is to support a model of growth that allows America’s cities, towns and neighborhoods become financially strong and resilient. If you are an organization doing compelling work consistent with the principles of Strong Towns and would be interested in supporting our efforts to build a stronger America, please contact our Executive Director, Jim Kumon, to discuss ways we can potentially work together.

Show 171: Kristin Green


Show 170: Julie Flynn on the Mercados Project

This week Julie Flynn of the Street Plans Collaborative joins Chuck Marohn to talk about her latest publication, Mercado: Lessons from 20 Markets Across South America.

Show 170: Julie Flynn