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SID.tv from Chester, PA

This week we are in Pennsylvania for a series of Curbside Chats. On Monday, we had the opportunity to visit PennDOT's award winning ramps in the City of Chester. Here's a special SID.tv video of what transpired.

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Reader Comments (1)

Chuck and Justin....Great series of comments and videos on Chester, PA and PennDot. While reading "The Small-Mart Revolution" by Michael H. Shuman, on page 161 I came upon this one paragraph comment on Chester.

"In 1977 a small town in Pennsylvania, Chester, looked at its own possibilities for import substitution. With assistance from Rodale Institute and the Presbyterian Church, the community produced a four-volume study documenting the tiny percentage of purchases of energy, good, and banking services being made inside the community, and how these leaks were robbing residents of potential multiplier benefits. Overall, only sixteen cents of each dollar earned by a resident of Chester came from a local business, and a remarkable eighty-seven cents of every dollar spent went to proprietors outside the community. The Community Renewal Program of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), using their Economic Renewal Guide, has performed similar studies for dozens of communities around the country, focusing primarily on energy and natural resource leakages."

I would also think that the casino and soccer complex also provide for some "leakages". By the way....any feedback from the Chester town council or PennDot, or the grantor of the award on your $73 million comments?

January 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCarlos Babcock
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