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Thank you, members

This year as we've traveled the country we've had the opportunity to meet a lot of our members. Sometimes we were even smart enough to snap a photo. 

If you are a member and run into Chuck, Jim or one of our other contributors, please snap a photo and share it with us.

Here's Richard Bose and Marielle Brown, members from St. Louis, who traveled three hours by train to be at the Bloomington, Illinois, Curbside Chat. Thank you Richard and Marielle for your support and efforts.

Chuck also met Rick Nolan, not the congressional representative from Chuck's district but the planner from Bloomington, Illinois, that is also a member of Strong Towns.

When Chuck was recently in Texas he spoke with Active Towns president, and Strong Towns member, John Simmerman. The two went out for dinner with long-time supporter and also a member, Erika Ragsdale of Austin, Texas. Erika is a planner for Hutto, Texas.

Chuck also ran into Ed Wallace, a member from San Antonio, at the recent chat in San Marcos, Texas. Thank you Ed for travling up to San Marcos and for being a supporter of Strong Towns.

Many thanks to all of our members.

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